Prints, scrunchies, stickers, clothing, jewellery, cards and cool stationary bits! Always supporting the strange and unusual.

Custom Leveret Smock Dress

Choose from a number of fabrics & recieve your very own custom, hand made tshirt smock dress!

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Hello and Welcome

My name is Jessica, I’m the face behind the brand and a mother of two. I’m based in Leeds, UK and absolutely love to be able to call this creative baby my full time career 🖤 Everything is designed by myself, and shipped from my home studio. 

I sell illustrated alternative pop culture pieces, from art prints to clothing. Selling artwork has been a side hustling since 2013, when I was at university, but finally became my sole work in 2019. It all kicked off with a Tiger King stickerpack, and from there I’ve never been so thankful and overwhelmed with your support and love for what I create ✨ Leveret is the evolved form of Witch Crafts - reflecting on myself as an artist, mother & women.

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There are plenty of products in sale!, including this Strange and unusual tshirt from my summer collection!

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